Fan Favorites: Thread + Spokes Top 10 Cycling T-Shirts of 2020

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Even though 2020 was full of sad and unfortunate events, it’s always healthy to look towards the small victories and positives in life. Whether you picked up a new hobby, spent a little more time in the saddle, or rekindled an old relationship, we applaud you. 

To spread some extra positivity, we wanted to review your favorite T-Shirt designs of the year. At Thread + Spoke, our artists continually work to bring you beautifully crafted apparel that makes you feel proud to be a cyclist. 

  1. N + 1
N+1 Cycling T Shirt


N+1 = you can never have too many bikes. We know you don't need an explanation, you get it. It's your partner who might need some convincing. There is no shame in showing off your favourite equation. 

  1. Fat Chewy
Chewbacca Cycling T-Shirt

On your way to save the Galaxy? Take a bike! We all know that If Chewy had a bike it would definitely be a Fat Bike! 

  1. Jersey Chain
Jersey Chain T Shirt


No matter your standing from the Maillot Jaune to the KOM, this design has it all. Keep the chain on all year long. 

  1. Average Cyclist Trophy
Average Cyclist T-shirt


Why not wear your trophy on your chest all day long? You’re a deserving winner  #weekendwarrior

  1. Tire Fighter
Tire Fighter Star Wars Cycling T Shirt

Burnin' rubber and X-Wings. New Ti-re Fighters are even faster with upgraded carbon wheels.

  1. Road Bike Silhouette
Road Bike T Shirt

Classics never fade. This all too familiar shape is perfect for you roadies. 

  1. Skinny Bike
Skinny Bike T Shirt

Make your commute a stylish one with your favourite Skinny Bike tee. 

  1. TT Trooper
Storm Trooper Cycling T Shirt

Run circles around your enemy with the stylish TT Trooper Tee. 

  1. Baby Yoda’s Tricycle
Baby Yoda Cycling T Shirt

A match made in heaven. Embrace your inner bike nerd and stay tuned for the sequel of the Bike wars!  

  1. Bike Porsche
Top Cycling T Shirt 2020

Don’t we all wish. Take a step closer to your roadie dreams with the Bike Porsche Tee.  

While there are no guarantees about the future state of our world in 2021, one thing is for certain -- Thread + Spoke will continue to be the go-to destination for creatives and cyclists alike. Stay tuned for more one-of-a-kind t-shirts and cycling apparel coming at you soon!

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December 23, 2020

I own all 10! :) looking forward to 2021’s lineup!

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